5th to 8th Grade Girls Athletic Training

8 weeks and 16 total classes for $115

Class Description: Athletes will work on improving athleticism by a variety of body weight strength exercises and some light medicine ball and dumbbell exercises, and improve foot speed and agility with a selection of drills which will include ladders, jump rope and cone change of direction and reaction drills. Working on core development will also take place in this class.

Class Instructor: Coach Tebbs

Class Days & Times:
Monday, June 4 Noon to 1PM
Wednesday, June 6 Noon to 1PM
Monday, June 11 Noon to 1PM
Wednesday, June 13 Noon to 1PM
No Classes week of June 18
Monday, June 25 Noon to 1PM
Wednesday, June 27 Noon to 1PM
Tuesday, July 3 8AM to 9AM
Thursday, July 5 8AM to 9AM
Tuesday, July 10 8AM to 9AM
Thursday, July 12 8AM to 9AM
Monday, July 16 Noon to 1PM
Monday, July 23 Noon to 1PM
Wednesday, July 25 Noon to 1PM
Monday, July 20 Noon to 1PM
Wednesday, August 1 Noon to 1PM

Check out this awesome Speed and Agility Training for Middle School and High School athletes!

  • -Fundamentals and techniques for linear speed enhancement

  • -Fundamentals of loading and exploding

  • -Techniques for change of direction

  • -Plyometrics drills to help increase player’s agility, flexibility and explosiveness

Five Week Speed and Agility Training

With Trainer Naia Ursua

May 28th through June 27th
Mondays 8:00-9:00 a.m.
Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 a.m.

10 training sessions for $95