GAME SCHEDULE Tuesday, April 11 / CHAMPIONSHIP Game Thursday, April 13

There will be a 4 team bracket to determine the Champion of the 2017 Adult Women's League. The four teams in the final four are B-Ballin Mamas, Droppin Dimes, Housewives with Skills and Beaver. All teams will play Tuesday, April 11 and the championship game will take place on Thursday, April 13 at 7:00pm.

Here is the schedule for the games Tuesday, April 11:

6:00; Space Jam 2 vs Basketbrawlers
7:00; T.H.E.M. vs Ball Till You Fall
8:00; Droppin Dimes vs Housewives with Skills (winner plays for championship)

9:00; B-Ballin Mamas vs Beaver (winner plays for championship)

Championship game will take place at 7PM on Thursday, April 13.




Team Wins Losses
B-Ballin Mamas 6 1
Beaver 5 2
Droppin Dimes 5 2
Housewives w/ Skills 5 2
Space Jam 2 3 4
Basketbrawlers 3 4
T.H.E.M. 1 6
Ball Till You Fall 0 7